The next level of modularity

Imagine a system that allows you to transform your vehicle into a camping paradise, a workhorse, or a practical combination of both. ModCAP is the ultimate modular vehicle accessory, offering a range of interchangeable components to perfectly fit your needs.

With ModCAP the possibilities are endless. Combine the components, swap them out as needed, and put together a system that perfectly reflects your individual preferences and style.

  • ModCAP Worker

    Don't need a sleeping area, but a versatile cabin? Or are you planning to upgrade your sleeping area in the future? The flat roof is the perfect introduction to the world of ModCAPs.

    Your ModCAP Worker 
  • ModCAP Camper

    Do you love travelling alone or as a couple? The camper roof allows you to enjoy unforgettable journeys with nature right on your doorstep.

    Your ModCAP Camper 
  • ModCAP Family

    Although still in the prototype phase, the family version offers space for up to four adults! Expected release: end of 2024.