Genesis Import

Genesis Import GmbH is one of the largest European wholesalers in the overland and off-road market. Centrally located in the middle of Germany, Genesis Import has a dealer network throughout the EU, including the UK, Norway and Switzerland.

Founder and CEO Dror Harel came to Germany with his family in 2009, hoping to spend a few months here with his family, learn a new language and then return to Israel. But sometimes life turns out differently than planned and the family decided to stay a little longer after all. While trying to find a job, Dror realised that there were only a few options for him here: either an illustrious career at McDonald's or starting his own company. In 2010, he founded the company "Steppenwolf 4x4", which became Genesis Import GmbH in 2012 - and the Harel family's suitcases have been covered in dust in the basement ever since.

Genesis Import is based at Gewerbering-Süd 8, 97359 Schwarzach am Main.