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Roof Cage Brackets

Roof Cage Brackets


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A unique feature of the aluminium crossbars from Alu-Cab is the T-slot on the long side. This is used on the roof basket to mount the basket between two crossbars. With a height of just 33 mm, it is barely higher than the crossbars themselves. It does not protrude upwards and therefore does not restrict the mounting options on the crossbars. It is almost unnoticeable and has virtually no influence on air resistance. This bracket is attached to the lower side of the cross members using M8 hexagon screws.

The roof basket can comfortably accommodate 3 ammo boxes. Cargo can be secured using ratchet tensioning straps. Five slots on each long side of the basket allow straps to be passed through for secure fastening. The basket is equipped with four holes for easy mounting of the Maxtrax™ Mountin Pin brackets for the MKII sand plates. Two brackets for the petrol and water canisters from RotopaX™ can be screwed onto additional holes. Canisters up to a size of 3 gallons, equivalent to approx. 11 litres, can be attached. To attach your own holders or objects, you can easily drill holes in the roof basket or use the side retaining screws in the C-slot of the cross members. Ring eyelets can be inserted into the groove of the two cross members to secure loads.

Attached to the underside of the cross members, the table insert is used to hold an Alu-Cab work and camping table and makes perfect use of the space between the roof basket and the vehicle. A lock prevents the table from slipping out.

The roof basket with table insert can be mounted on all Alu-Cab products with C-rails on the roof.

The table can be mounted or orientated in two different ways:

1) Towards the rear

The 40 mm feet can also be used here. The distance between the two brackets depends on the width of the table.

2) To the side

The 60mm aluminium cab feet are required here. The distance between the two crossbars is derived from the width of the table. The table must also be positioned over the C-rail.
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