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Ready to Adventure

Ready to Adventure

  without window with window
Double Cab 17.198 € 17.748 €
Extra Cab 17.498 € 18.048 €


The accessories shown are not included.

  • Payment of 50% upon order placement
  • Assembly at Genesis Import
  • Approx. 4 weeks until availability

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The base forms the foundation of the ModCAP. It is the crucial building block on which the entire product range is based. Choosing the light size for the vehicle is crucial. The right dimensions ensure an optimum fit, which in turn guarantees the functionality, aesthetics and durability of the overall system.

Fitting Kit

The kits are specially adapted to your car. This means that you select your specific fitting kit based on the brand, model and year of manufacture of our vehicle in order to securely attach the base to the loadiing area. These customised solutions ensure a secure installation that is perfectly matched to the requirements and dimensions of your vehicle.


When it comes to the roof, it all depends on what you plan to do with your vehicle. Are you using it as a place to sleep or are you using it more for work and transport? Depending on the type of use, a different body can bring you more or less. But the good thing is: thanks to the modularity, you can change your body at any time!  So if you want, you can be multi-track equipped.