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Mosquito Nets Side Flaps 2x

Mosquito Nets Side Flaps 2x


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  • 1420 mm L x 600 mm H


The mosquito nets for the side flaps are a very useful addition to the camper, as they prevent bugs, midges and other insects from entering while allowing fresh air into the interior of the camper. They are attached to the openings of the side flaps using a Velcro fastener.

The nets also have a layer of durable canvas fabric, which is also used to make the Alu-Cab tents. Like the net, this can simply be rolled up on the inside once it has been opened. This gives you the option of a window closed with fabric, a window protected from insects with a net or a completely open window while the actual flaps are open.

When the canvas layer is closed with the zip, it is still possible to operate and use the swivel lamp from outside through a small rectangular flap on the upper edge.
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