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Molle Plate Rear Door Bottom 5.5FT & 6.5FT

Molle Plate Rear Door Bottom 5.5FT & 6.5FT


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Back Door Molle Plates provide a reliable mounting platform for Molle-compatible pouches, mounts and gear holders. This allows you to customise your storage space to your specific needs and preferences, keeping your essentials organised and easily accessible while you're on the move.

Introducing the ModCAP Back Door Molle Plates: Expand the storage potential of your motorhome!

The ModCAP Back Door Molle Plates are innovative accessories that optimise the internal storage options of the ModCAP back door. These Back Door Molle Plates can be used instead of our canvas bags, the drop-down table or the ModCAP kitchen.

The Back Door Molle Plates are available in the following configurations:

1. upper molle
2. lower molle
3. molle set

Compatible with:

Canopy Camper and Canopy Camper FullSize


5.5FT/6.5FT - Lower part
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