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Molle Plates Exterior Rear Double Cab & Extra Cab (Set of 2)

Molle Plates Exterior Rear Double Cab & Extra Cab (Set of 2)


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Whether you're heading out on a weekend camping trip, an overland adventure or simply exploring the great outdoors, the Rear Exterior Molle Plate offers a practical solution for storing and accessing your gear.

Introducing the ModCAP Rear Exterior Molle Plate: Your versatile gear organisation solution!

The sturdy frame and durable molle plate provide a reliable attachment point for a variety of gear and accessories, from tools and equipment to outdoor essentials.

Thanks to the modular Molle system, you can organise your equipment according to your needs and preferences. Attach pouches, storage bags or gear holders to the plate to maximise storage space and keep your gear organised and easily accessible.

Compatible with:

Canopy Camper DC/XC

ModCAP [set of 2] DC/XC
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